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Evotion Wearables offers custom made, 3D printed chastity devices. With the ability to print each chastity cage individually, we can offer a bespoke, lightweight nylon devices and streamlined steel devices with a customized fit to each customer at a very fair price.

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Limited time offer, Yvonne's Secret Stash!

Evotion Wearables

As the holidays approach Evotion Wearables is jumping into the spirit of the holiday sale with Yvonne’s Secret Stash. During the month of November Yvonne is opening up her secret stash of extra chastity devices, and offering them for sale at deeply discounted prices. These cages are all new, none of them have ever been worn or left our shop, and they are sold as is. Look through and see if any of them could work for you, this is a great way to get an unprecedented price on an Evotion device!

Although these cages are sold as you see them, it’s quite possible to create custom accessories or replacement parts for them. If you get one and need something changed on it, no problem! We will offer the same discounted prices for replacement parts and accessories as we do for our full custom devices. Check each cage’s page for size details and features.

We will be posting more cages throughout the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back!

Titanium Pins!

Evotion Wearables

Titanium Pin.jpeg

One of the most requested accessories people ask us for are titanium PA pins. Well, they’re finally here! These pins are 3D printed in solid 6Al-4V titanium, then extensively hand sanded and polished to a bright finish. We spent months experimenting with the best methods to produce an extremely high quality 3D printed titanium pin. They aren’t cheap, but each one is unique, produced individually for each client. They are absolutely corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic, including for people with a nickel allergy, and highly scratch resistant as well. Unless you lose it, this will be the last pin you ever need.

They are also durable enough to be used with our steel Orion and Bijou cages!

Titanium pins can be produced for any PA Bijou or PA Orion cage we have ever produced, and in some cases for our Cage 7 and Cage 8 devices as well. Check out the pictures on the shop page, and don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions!