Just to clarify...

  A lot of people have asked about the securing straps, and what's included with a cage order. Each cage comes with one pair of locking straps, for whichever style of lock you prefer. I say pair because there are two pieces that make up one "strap". So the basic price of a cage includes straps for either a padlock, or a single-use security lock. If you would like both, you can order an additional set for $40. Currently, we have straps for two different styles of padlock, but if you have your own that you want to use, we can probably design a strap for that too. Our security lock straps fit both of the most commonly purchased plastic security locks. 

  Over time the number of options we offer will grow and grow. In some cases we don't even charge extra for custom requests if we feel that it's something that we can offer to our other clients.

  Our technology blows everyone else out of the water with it's flexibility and customizability. Keep your questions coming!

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