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Evotion Wearables offers custom made, 3D printed chastity devices. With the ability to print each chastity cage individually, we can offer a bespoke, lightweight nylon devices and streamlined steel devices with a customized fit to each customer at a very fair price.

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New Device...Orion!

Evotion Wearables

Orion Black.JPG

Okay, so we recently released the Bijou, which has been amazingly popular and is receiving incredible reviews. And today we are very proud to introduce the ball trap version - Orion! Orion comes standard without a piercing pin, but can accommodate one as an option, and a frenum trap is an option as well. Ball-trap style chastity devices are quite secure when they fit correctly, and when coupled with a piercing, our cages are absolutely impossible to escape without destroying the device.

Orion assembles using two separate locks, one to secure the base ring, the other to secure the glans lid. This arrangement allows for easy assembly and disassembly and makes the device comfortable and pinch-free, as well as being easy to put on and position correctly before locking. It's also very easy to take off, as long as you have the keys! The tip can be removed for cleaning without removing the rest of the device. The little brass locks are made custom for us in Germany. They are long lasting, corrosion resistant, and smooth functioning.

There are a lot of innovations here. The filigree pattern allows for ventilation without leaving large enough holes for skin to bulge through, and the pattern is continued in the base ring as well. The filigree also keeps the device light, and looks incredible. This detail is unique to 3D printed devices, you won't be seeing any Chinese knockoffs of these!

The gold or rhodium electroplated Prince Albert pin, made custom for each device, is 3D printed, then meticulously hand finished like any other fine jewelry before receiving a two step electroplating process that leaves it with a brilliantly smooth finish. The base of the pin can slide fore and aft a couple of millimeters to help it perfectly line up with your anatomy.

The base ring has an ergonomic shape as a standard feature, the result of experience and feedback from our many customers during the last few years. The ring flares open toward the body, and drops down at the bottom to better fit the male anatomy. 

Our brilliant and completely modular design allows us unprecedented flexibility in designing your fully custom device. We can make the Orion shorter than the Cage 8. Minimum length is now around 20mm and we can add a downward curve to longer devices. We can add lettering to the headband for a modest charge, and you can choose from three different filigree patterns, or choose a solid, vent-free device. Further customization is always possible and encouraged for an additional charge.

By positioning the base ring lock longitudinally, we take advantage of the shaft of the lock to add strength to the device, while achieving a much lower profile so that the device makes a significantly smaller bulge in the pants. 

The Orion is the culmination of all our experience making custom chastity devices for men that need a device for serious, long term wear. As a result of hundreds of hours of 3D design work, many prototypes and extensive testing, we have arrived at the most evolved ball trap chastity device on the market today. Enjoy!