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Evotion Wearables offers custom made, 3D printed chastity devices. With the ability to print each chastity cage individually, we can offer a bespoke, lightweight nylon devices and streamlined steel devices with a customized fit to each customer at a very fair price.

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A few kind words

Evotion Wearables

We love hearing back from happy customers! Here’s a nice email we received recently:

I hope this note finds you both doing well.  I wanted to follow up with you on my order.  I don’t know if you use testimonials or reviews for your site, but thought I would share some feedback with you in case you would like to hear from a customer.  I gave my wife the Evotion Bijou for Valentine’s Day and she was extremely happy with the look and feel of it, and loved that her name was right in the front of the device – she was just disappointed that I couldn’t wear yet.  We (and yes, that includes me too) have been dying to try out the device, but I was still in the process of stretching the PA. I had gotten the PA piercing for her back in November and have been working my way up to the 4G piercing. 

Well, the day finally came this week and was able to stretch to the 4G jewelry.  Up until now, we have used a chastity device with ball ring and I should properly say, we “toyed” around with it.  And I am saying toyed on purpose, as all of those devices have felt like a toy and not really secure until I experienced your Evotion Bijou.  It is extremely secure and absolutely no way that I am coming out of there unless she wants me to.  And yet, at the same time it is amazingly comfortable – the sizing was perfect and wears very easy under my clothes too.  This week is the first week in the device and we will go from there to see the long-term play/lock-up that she would like to try out.  Seems to me from her reaction, that she is going to want to try for a long while…a bit of nervous apprehension with that from me.  

Thanks again for such a great product!!!  

You’re welcome and thanks to you two, enjoy!