Cage 9 Ball Cage Device

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C9 rear view.JPG

Cage 9 Ball Cage Device

from 419.00

Our newest cage completely encloses the cock and balls into one compact unit. Cage 9 is designed from the ground up to integrate with a ball cage, we have eliminated the locking straps because with the ball cage in place, the trough can't open. Cage 9 is available with or without a prince albert prong, and with or without slots for a frenum barbell, and yes, frenum versions ship with a barbell. 

The ball cage portion of the device anchors at two points, the lock, and a slot on the bottom front of the cage. When it is closed and locked it is very strong and secure, yet it comes open very easily for removal. 

The Cage 9 comes with an internal lock only, and does not offer the option for other locking mechanisms.

You have the option for a metal PA pin. The pins are completely custom, made individually for each customer. The complex process begins with a 3D print in wax, which is then cast in brass, meticulously hand polished, and electroplated in either 18k gold or rhodium. They have an extremely fine finish and are safe to wear in piercings. When you fill out the order form, you will have the option to choose either 14k Gold, Rhodium, or Rose Gold.

This device looks and feels great to wear and creates a wonderful sense of complete enclosure. 

Available Colors*:

  • White

  • Black

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Hot pink

Yes, you may mix and match colors, each component can be different! Just let us know your preferences when you fill out the form. Many people choose a colored lid and black rest of the cage. 

* Our products are dyed by hand, therefore it is difficult to assure consistent colors.

If you want more than one style of straps, you may add them to your cart before checking out. After filling out the form you can still go back and add other products.

Due to the fact that 3D printing costs are based on material volume, if you request a very large size, we may ask for a supplemental payment to cover the extra cost. 

Please note, all sales are final! Orders are designed and manufactured to order, so please double check your measurements, we cannot issue refunds. 

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