Cage Seven, secured by one or more piercings

Cage Seven, secured by one or more piercings

from 239.00

 This is our original piercing-secured cage. You can order your cage with a Prince Albert Prong, a trapped frenum barbell, or both. The PA prong can be changed to an apadravya for no extra charge. A "headband" is the band of extra coverage across the glans area, and you will be asked your preference in the order form. Frenum models comes with a stainless steel barbell that is the correct length to fit into the slots. 

 This basic cage includes a padlock. You can choose an internal lock or Snap Straps instead for an additional $30.

 You have the option for a metal PA pin. The pins are completely custom, made individually for each customer. The complex process begins with a 3D print in wax, which is then cast in brass, meticulously hand polished, and electroplated in either 18k gold or rhodium. They have an extremely fine finish and are safe to wear in piercings. When you fill out the order form, you will have the option to choose either 18k Gold or Rhodium.

 After completing your order you will receive an email from us, at which point you can give us any extra comments or requests you might have. We have a hands on approach and will be in contact with you before designing your device.

Please note that our design process and the 3D printing process both take time. Please expect to wait about 6-8 weeks for delivery.

The glossy finish is now standard on all of our products and is available in all the same colors.

hen you fill out the order form, you will have the opportunity to add your order to your cart, which will save it for later. You can then go back and add other items to your cart, such as other styles of locking straps.  We will automatically adapt everything to fit with your cage.

 If you already have one of our cages, and you want to order an exact copy in the glossy finish or a new color, send us an email to get a code for a discount.  Discounts are also available for making changes.

Available Colors*:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Hot pink 

Yes, you may mix and match colors, each component can be different! Just let us know your preferences when you fill out the form. Many people choose a colored lid and black rest of the cage. 

* Our products are dyed by hand, therefore it is difficult to assure consistent colors. On occasion, the parts do not take the dye well and we may contact you about choosing an alternative.

 Due to the fact that 3D printing costs are based on material volume, if you request a very large size, we may ask for a supplemental payment to cover the extra cost. 

Please note, all sales are final! Orders are designed and manufactured to order, so please double check your measurements, we cannot issue refunds. 

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