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Evotion Wearables offers custom made, 3D printed chastity devices. With the ability to print each chastity cage individually, we can offer a bespoke, lightweight nylon devices and streamlined steel devices with a customized fit to each customer at a very fair price.

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Bijou Steel


Bijou Steel

from 500.00

Bijou Steel is the absolute pinnacle of male chastity. Each cage is designed individually like our other products, but printed in a stainless steel/nickel alloy and extensively hand finished and polished. The result is the finest chastity device in the world. No other steel chastity designer can offer the same degree of customizability, fit, and ergonomic design.

Even though steel is a heavy material, we have taken pains to make the design as light and minimal as possible. Every aspect is thinner and uses less material than the plastic version.

Bijou Steel comes standard with a nylon PA or can be upgraded with a custom Titanium PA and/or stainless steel frenum barbell.

This steel is extremely hard. Just working with it requires diamond coated tools. Cutting one of these devices off would be highly difficult and dangerous. Do not lose your keys!

Bijou Steel:
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