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Evotion Wearables offers custom made, 3D printed chastity devices. With the ability to print each chastity cage individually, we can offer a bespoke, lightweight nylon devices and streamlined steel devices with a customized fit to each customer at a very fair price.


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We come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important for a chastity device to fit correctly for comfortable daily wear. We were the first custom chastity device maker to take advantage of 3D printing technologies to offer fully custom plastic and steel cages for attainable prices. We are always updating our models and our production techniques to stay at the leading edge of this niche market. The standard price for a custom cage includes custom shaft diameter, length, glans length, PA size, and PA depth. Orion & Cage 8 also include a custom sized base ring and custom ring gap.

  • We prefer measurements in millimeters.

  • Please don't over-estimate your size!

  • The first measurement we need to know is Shaft Circumference, diameter is fine too, but circumference is easier to measure accurately. We need the circumference of the shaft of the penis, while completely flaccid. Wrap a cloth measuring tape (like the kind used by a tailor) or piece of ribbon around the shaft. Take your time and get an accurate measurement at a time when you haven't been thinking about anything sexy. Surprising yourself with a quick measurement can work well. Please note that it is extremely common for people to over estimate their size! Your cage will fit best if it's not too big. We will make your cage to the exact measurements you provide!

  • For Bijou & Cage Seven models shaft length is open to personal preference. We measure length from the back of the glans to the rear end of the cage. Once you know your total shaft length, subtract about 30% from it to accommodate for shrinkage and freedom of movement. You must do the math, we will make your cage the exact length you enter into the form.

  • For Orion Cage Eight models, shaft length includes the thickness of the base ring, and should be closer to your real length measured from behind the glans to the base of your shaft.

  • Next tell us the Glans Length, and the PA Depth, which is the distance from the tip of the penis to the center of the exit point of the PA piercing. Measure for frenum depth the same way, tip to center of piercing.

  • Finally, we need to know the gauge of your piercing. 6 ga or larger is preferable. 8 ga is the minimum. Frenum barbells can be 14 ga or larger.

  • In all cases, we will give the model a slight downward curve when it's length allows. We can't put much of a curve on shorter cages because it can distort the strap interface and hinge mechanism. It will tend to hang straight down anyway.

  • For Orion & Cage Eight models, you need to know your preferred base ring size. Generally, it should be just big enough to pop your balls through, without pain, when you are completely flaccid. Prior experience with cock rings is helpful in knowing what works for you.

Limitless customization is available for modest additional charges, and often for free. Don't hesitate to inquire, and don't order too large!

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